Steel Standard Size Forging Engine Piston Pin For Automotive Excavator

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Jingte
Model Number 6D102
Minimum Order Quantity 600 piece
Price USD 1.5 per piece
Packaging Details neutral packing, up to client
Delivery Time 5-15days
Payment Terms Western Union
Supply Ability 20000 piece per month

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Product Details
Tolerance High Precision Size Standard
Processing Type Forging Or Extrusion Or Rotating Material Steel
Color Silver Bright Heat Treatment Annealing
AppliCaterion Automotive Shape Cylindrical
High Light

forging engine piston pin


excavator engine piston pin

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6D102 engine Piston pin 76mm
Application construction excavator
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6D102 engine Piston pin 76mm
Product Description

Steel Engine Piston Pin Standard Size For Automotive AppliCatererion Excavator Engine Piston Pin

Product Description:

A piston pin is a cylindrical pin installed on the piston skirt, with its middle part passing through the small end hole of the connecting rod, used to connect the piston and the connecting rod, and transmit the gas force borne by the piston to the connecting rod. To reduce weight, piston pins are generally made of high-quality alloy steel and made into hollow shapes.
Generally, there are steps or grooves in the piston pin hole used domestically, and there is also a solid piston pin. The inner hole of the piston pin used abroad is straight. The shape of the inner hole of the piston pin mainly includes cylindrical shape, two trunCaterered conical shapes, and a combination of two trunCaterered conical shapes and one cylindrical shape.
The piston pin is used to connect the piston and connecting rod, and transmit the force borne by the piston to the connecting rod or vice versa. The piston pin bears significant periodic impact loads under high temperature conditions, and due to the small swing angle of the piston pin in the pin hole, it is difficult to form a lubriCaterering oil film, resulting in poor lubriCatererion conditions. For this reason, the piston pin must have sufficient stiffness, strength, and wear resistance, and the mass should be as small as possible. The pin and pin hole should have appropriate fit clearance and good surface quality. In general, the stiffness of the piston pin is particularly important, and if the piston pin is bent or deformed, it may cause damage to the piston pin seat.
The material of piston pins is generally low-carbon steel or low-carbon alloy steel, such as 20, 20Mn, 15Cr, 20Cr or 20MnV. The outer surface is carburized and hardened, and then subjected to precision machining such as grinding and polishing. This not only improves surface hardness and wear resistance, but also ensures high strength and impact toughness.
The structural shape of the piston pin is very simple, basically a thick walled hollow cylinder. The shape of its inner hole includes a cylindrical shape, a two segment trunCaterered cone shape, and a combination shape. The cylindrical hole is easy to process, but the mass of the piston pin is relatively large; The mass of the piston pin with two trunCaterered conical holes is relatively small, and because the bending moment on the piston pin is the largest in the middle, it is close to an equal strength beam, but the machining of the conical hole is difficult.
There are two ways to connect the piston pin with the piston pin seat hole and the connecting rod small end bushing hole: "fully floating" installation and "semi floating" installation.
Folding fully floating: when the engine is in operation, the piston pin, connecting rod small end, and piston pin seat all have relative motion, so that the piston pin can freely swing in the connecting rod bushing and piston pin seat, ensuring uniform wear. In order to prevent the axial movement of the fully floating piston pin from scratching the cylinder wall, retaining rings are installed at both ends of the piston pin for axial positioning. Due to the fact that the piston is made of aluminum and the piston pin is made of steel, aluminum has a greater thermal expansion than steel. To ensure a transitional fit between the piston pin and the piston pin seat hole during high-temperature operation. During assembly, the aluminum piston is heated to a certain degree before the piston pin is installed, which is a widely used installation method.
Folding semi floating installation: the characteristic of the "semi floating" installation is that the middle of the piston is connected to the small end of the connecting rod with a fastening bolt, and the piston pin can only swing freely in the pin seats at both ends, without relative movement with the small end of the connecting rod. The piston pin does not move axially and does not require a locking plate. It is widely used in small cars.
Quenching of piston pins in folding editing section: quenching is one of the basic means of strengthening steel. Quenching steel into martensite and subsequently tempering to improve toughness is a traditional method of obtaining high comprehensive mechanical properties of steel.
The working ability of a piston pin generally depends on its strength and stiffness. After quenching, the stiffness and strength of the piston pin are increased, making it more durable and of higher quality. In addition, through quenching and tempering, the surface of the piston pin is also coated with a thin oxide film layer, so as to achieve the purpose of rust prevention, wear resistance and impact toughness.



  • Product Name: Engine Piston Pin
  • Size: Standard
  • Heat Treatment: Annealing
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Weight: Lightweight
  • Color: Silver Bright


The Engine piston pin from Jngte is a reliable and efficient automotive component. It is made from high-grade steel and is designed for high precision and accuracy. With its solid structure, it is strong enough to endure the toughest of conditions. The engine piston pin can be used in a wide range of automotive appliCatererions, making it an extremely versatile and reliable part. It is also easy to install and comes in a convenient and secure carton box for safe transportation.
The engine piston pin from Jngte stands out from the competition thanks to its superior construction and performance. It is designed to be highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring it will last for many years. It also has excellent tolerance, meaning it can handle the toughest conditions and still perform flawlessly. The engine piston pin is an essential component in any automotive appliCatererion, and is sure to provide you with reliable and efficient operation for years to come.


Support and Services:

Engine Piston Pin Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for our Engine Piston Pin products. Our team of experts are available to answer any questions about product installation, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and more. We also offer on-site service and support for our Engine Piston Pin products.
If you are experiencing any issues, please contact us directly at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or email us at Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to help you.


Packing and Shipping:

Engine Piston Pin packaging and shipping:
The engine piston pin is packaged in a sealed plastic bag and then placed in a cardboard box. The box is then wrapped securely with bubble wrap or other protective material and taped securely. The box is then marked with the appropriate shipping information and placed in a larger box or shipping envelope for shipping.



  1. Q: What is the Brand Name of the Engine Piston Pin?
    A: The Brand Name of the Engine Piston Pin is Jngte.
  2. Q: What is the Model Number of the Engine Piston Pin?
    A: The Model Number of the Engine Piston Pin is piston pin.
  3. Q: Where is the Engine Piston Pin manufactured?
    A: The Engine Piston Pin is manufactured in China.
  4. Q: What are the main features of the Engine Piston Pin?
    A: The Engine Piston Pin is made of high-grade materials and is designed for durability and reliability.
  5. Q: What appliCatererions is the Engine Piston Pin suitable for?
    A: The Engine Piston Pin is suitable for a wide range of engines and vehicles.

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